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Maymester Programs

Scholarship Information: 

Deadline to apply: September 15, 2017
Eligibility Requirements: 
- Student must have a 2.5 GPA
- Applicant must be enrolled at PC and receiving course credit for a Maymester, Spring Break, or Summer Study Abroad Program.
Applicant must have an Maymester, Spring Break or Summer Program application in process at the time of submission.

Application Checklist: 
- PC Academic Transcript 
- Statement of Purpose Essay: 2-3 pages
1.What is your purpose for participating in the Study Abroad Program? 
2.What specific academic goals will you meet by studying abroad through a faculty-led program? 
3.What specific professional goals will you meet by studying abroad through a faculty- led program?
4.Please explain your financial needs.  

Please submit all documents to the Office of International Programs via email at


Cuba Winter Break Program- Dr. Justin Lance and Dr. Roy Campbell

Spring Break Trips 2018: APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN!!

American Civil Rights Program- Dr. Erin McAdams and Dr. Booker Ingram
Disney World Program- Dr. Suzie Smith and Dr. Karen Mattison
Yucatan Peninsula Program- Dr. Jackie Sumner and Dr. Roy Campbell


Maymesters 2018: APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN!!

Costa RicaDr. Rachel Pigg and Dr. Ron Zimmerman  
Central Europe- Dr. Stefan Wiecki and Dr. Rick Heiser
Eastern Europe- Dr. James Wanliss and Dr. Stuart Gordon
England- Dr. Lesley Preston and Dr. Justin Brent
Italy- Dr. Laura Crary and Dr. Jerry Alexander

SUMMER 2018: Open September 1st
France- Dr. Patrick Kiley
Norway- PC Psychology Department

Presbyterian College Office of International Programs